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My Monday 5¢: Da Bills, Canadian Elections, Refugees, Canal Side Concerts, & Van Halen


THE BILLS ARE A .500 TEAM The Buffalo Bills were outplayed by one of the best teams in the league yesterday and they lost. The Cincinnati Bengals came to town on Sunday and showed Buffalo just how far the our…
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Video: Larry David as Bernie Sanders on Saturday Night Live

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Comedy, it can bring levity to almost anything. And that is just what Saturday Night Live’s (SNL) cold open did last night in its parodying last weeks Democrat’s Presidential Debate. It was brilliant to use Larry David as Bernie Sanders….
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The Peace Bridge, what could have been


The existing Peace Bridge is visually appealing. It’s not drop dead OMG gorgeous or anything like that, but still great to look at. The bridge opened in 1927 and was designed by designed by Edward P. Lupfer of Buffalo. It’s…
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Video: This is not how an Orca should live


“A Day in the Life of Lolita, the Performing Orca” Here we are in the year 2015, and we still capture and use majestic creatures from the wild for our entertainment. If this video doesn’t change your mind on why…
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Videos: Jack Eichel’s First Goal and 2015-16 Opening Night Next Chapter Vid

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Yes, the Sabres lost on opening night. If there never was an anticlimactic moment in Sabres’ history, the start of last night’s game was it. The build up to the season and opening night had been almost unreal. After the…
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The President Reacts to Oregon Shooting and We Should Listen

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This is a photo that White House photographer Pete Souza captured of President Obama while he watched coverage of the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Just a really sad day. The President reacts in exasperation while glancing at…
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Bad Lip Reading of First Republican Debate, It’s All About the Singing

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I don’t like everything Bad Lip Reading does. But sometimes they hit it out of the funny park. Their Bad Lip Reading of last week’s first Republican debate is hilarious. The singing closing statements by candidates are especially good. And for…
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The Rock on Saturday Night Live

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Saturday Night Live (SNL) hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was fantastic last night. In recent years, the show is hit-or-miss from week-to-week. But Johnson elevated yesterday’s show…”The Rock” is a natural. I absolutely loved the Bambi movie trailer. Get…
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