Oct 15

Buffalonians are outraged this morning

Buffalonians are outraged this morning. Not about failing schools. Not about poverty. They are outraged about some words on the floor of a store in the Galleria Mall.

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The outrage began on Twitter when someone posted the above photo with the words wide right and no goal. What followed has to be the worst example of Buffalonian outrage ever.

Here is the Twitter stream for the hashtag #BanLuluLemonInBuffalo.

I don’t think the store’s intentions were bad. Heck, I’ve seen t-shirts over the years referencing the same with a sense of local unity on what Buffalo has endured with its professional sports teams.

The controversy is dumb. It makes Buffalo look dumb. It’s a yoga pants store.

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Sep 28

Your Chances of Dying From…

Your Chances of Dying
From: Best Health Care Degrees

Found this interesting graphic about the your chances of dying from a number of different activities and is share worthy.

I have decided I would like to die at a dance party. The problem is that I don’t really go to dance parties. This means the probability is even lower than the chart indicates.

So it goes.

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Sep 20

Donald Trump gets #Pwned by Jessie Pegula

“The Donald” was trumped by Terry and Kim Pegula’s daughter in marvelous fashion.

If you haven’t heard by now, Donald Trump fired off a Tweet yesterday taking credit for the amount of money the Pegulas spent on the Buffalo Bills. Jessie Pegula’s response is great.

One word, pwned.

It’s bad enough some people view Trump as some sort of leader or inspirational force, but his Tweet pretty much sums up what he is all about…himself.

You can color me glad he didn’t get his hands on the Bills.

But wait, he’ll be thinking about running for governor again in four years.

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Sep 17

Video: Buffalo Bills Ralph Wilson Tribute Ceremony from 09/14


The best part of this video for me is when Jim Kelly was introduced to the crowd. It really sends shivers up your spine and may bring a tear or two.

Our love affair with the Bills is crazy and amazing at the same time.

Why the Bills didn’t include the stadium PA system audio feed for the video is beyond me, but it is still a great watch.

Go Bills!

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Sep 16

Video: Buffalo Bills Game Ball Being Delivered via Parachute

Here is a video of a parachutist’s full descent as the game ball is delivered to Ralph Wilson Stadium prior to the Bills vs. Dolphins game this past Sunday.

Technology brings the AWESOME.

Go Bills!

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