Nov 25

#Banksy #Ferguson #Powerful

This just really struck something inside of me.

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Nov 24

F**K You And All Your False Patriotism

Maybe it was the whole Republican response to President Obama’s plan for immigration or maybe it was the Republican-controlled House Intelligence Committee’s report rejecting the crazies who wanted to make Benghazi a conspiracy riddled pile of crap…whatever it was, it reminded of Jon Stewart’s Daily Show opening from back on 09/25/2014.

In it, he says a hardy f**k you to the false patriotism exhibited by many. I am as patriotic as the next bloke, but patriotism isn’t determined by what party your voter registration card says you are from. Believing in America or being patriotic is party neutral thing. If you think that opposing President Obama makes you a patriot, it is plain dumb.

Here is the definition of what a patriot is:

“A person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors”

There is a lot of crazy out there…people who really think President Obama is trying to destroy our country.

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Nov 23

Buffalo Strong

Love this by local cartoonist Rick Manzone. It really says it all about this last week, the #SNOvember storm and Buffalo!


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Nov 23

Jimmy Kimmel asks famous people to read some crappy Tweets about them

As I scroll through Tweets sometimes, I am amazed at the crazy things people will write about others. On the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Kimmel gets some celebs to read some of the crappy Tweets written about them. It does put Tweeting in perspective and is funny to hear at the same time.

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Nov 20

Photo: How the Lake Effect Storm looked from Across Lake Erie

Another awesome photo of the “SNOvember” or “Knife” or whatever it ends up being called storm. This one comes from across Lake Erie in Ontario.

Very cool and shows how ominous the storm was.


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