Nov 23

Jimmy Kimmel asks famous people to read some crappy Tweets about them

As I scroll through Tweets sometimes, I am amazed at the crazy things people will write about others. On the Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Kimmel gets some celebs to read some of the crappy Tweets written about them. It does put Tweeting in perspective and is funny to hear at the same time.

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Nov 20

Photo: How the Lake Effect Storm looked from Across Lake Erie

Another awesome photo of the “SNOvember” or “Knife” or whatever it ends up being called storm. This one comes from across Lake Erie in Ontario.

Very cool and shows how ominous the storm was.


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Nov 20

SNOvember Doritos Banditos caught on Camera?

Looks like someone caught the Dorito Banditos in the act on Seneca Street in Buffalo doing the storm on Tuesday. The truck was abandoned during the lake effect craziness as roads became impassable. Angela Oestereich posted photos on Facebook of a couple people entering the vehicle.

Maybe they were just hungry looking for food or maybe the idea of free Doritos was just too much to pass up on. Police are on the lookout for the orange fingers.

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Nov 20

Photos: Lake Effect Snow Wall

There are many lake effect snow wall photos being posted. I stumbled on these via Facebook. They were taken by David Niedbala and are on imgur. Fantastic.

This SNOvember storm is one for the ages. The amount of photos being shared from all around Buffalo and Western New York is a testament on how powerful social media is.

I wrote this on Facebook yesterday–>

It is amazing to ponder the Social Media Age we live when events like this storm happen. The immediacy of sharing photos, videos, etc. is truly incredible.


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Oct 26

FRONTLINE’s Ebola Outbreak

This morning, a person on a Facebook comment thread posted a reference to the PBS show Frontline’s Ebola Outbreak documentary from September.

I watched and it is a mind blowing look at what is going on in Africa. While most of the focus of the mainstream United States media has been given to scaring us, the real story on Ebola is still in Africa.1-Fullscreen capture 10262014 35324 PM-001 This is where our attention should be focused.

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