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Oct 21

Buffalo Attracting the Young Ones

I wrote a post in 2007 about how Buffalo’s brain drain wasn’t real. From that post: We all know that Buffalo and WNY’s population continues to decline…but a study due out tomorrow points to the real problem…it is not the … Read More

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Oct 15

Buffalonians are outraged this morning

Buffalonians are outraged this morning. Not about failing schools. Not about poverty. They are outraged about some words on the floor of a store in the Galleria Mall. The outrage began on Twitter when someone posted the above photo with … Read More

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Sep 28

Your Chances of Dying From…

From: Best Health Care Degrees Found this interesting graphic about the your chances of dying from a number of different activities and is share worthy. I have decided I would like to die at a dance party. The problem is … Read More

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Sep 20

Donald Trump gets #Pwned by Jessie Pegula

“The Donald” was trumped by Terry and Kim Pegula’s daughter in marvelous fashion. If you haven’t heard by now, Donald Trump fired off a Tweet yesterday taking credit for the amount of money the Pegulas spent on the Buffalo Bills. … Read More

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Sep 17

Video: Buffalo Bills Ralph Wilson Tribute Ceremony from 09/14

The best part of this video for me is when Jim Kelly was introduced to the crowd. It really sends shivers up your spine and may bring a tear or two. Our love affair with the Bills is crazy and … Read More

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