Video: The coolest Pet Shop Boys tune ever, NUMB


This is just a cool tune and cool video. With everything going on in the world and life, I just feel this way sometimes.

Video: Happy Birthday, John Candy


It’s hard to believe that John Candy left us twenty-two years ago. The only and proper way to celebrate his 66th birthday is by sharing the funny he brought us. Read More …

9/11 thoughts in 2016


I wrote this on Facebook yesterday about 09/11. The United States. We are one big dysfunctional family. But sometimes we forget the family part and are just plain dysfunctional. 9/11 Read More …

Video: After today’s loss, this is where Bills fans are at


After I got done watching the Bills lose their season opener in Baltimore, I knew there had to be others who felt like I did. What the Bills fan collective Read More …

Video: Band of Brothers – Liberation of Concentration Camp

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There are probably a couple of handfuls of TV series moments that stick out in my head as being something I will never forget. One of them is the liberation Read More …

And then it hit me


This presidential election is like nothing I have ever seen before in my life. Between the craziness of having Donald Trump as a candidate and having the craziness that follows Read More …

And the Lenny shows up


Call it the fog of war or the fog of Krupnik, but I don’t remember when exactly Lenny trotted into my life. Lenny tells me it’s better I don’t remember. Read More …

Video: Jon Stewart Rips the Right’s Hypocrisy A New One


It’s been great to see Jon Stewart all week long on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Last night Stewart fully hit his Daily Show stride. He ripped into the Read More …