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Oct 24

Malala: ‘Instead of sending guns, send books’

A seventeen-year-old who makes more sense than most people older and supposedly wiser than her. Malala Yousafzai spread more of what makes her amazing Tuesday at Forbes first annual Under 30 Summit in Philadelphia.

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Oct 21

Buffalo Attracting the Young Ones

I wrote a post in 2007 about how Buffalo’s brain drain wasn’t real. From that post: We all know that Buffalo and WNY’s population continues to decline…but a study due out tomorrow points to the real problem…it is not the … Read More

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Oct 15

Buffalonians are outraged this morning

Buffalonians are outraged this morning. Not about failing schools. Not about poverty. They are outraged about some words on the floor of a store in the Galleria Mall. The outrage began on Twitter when someone posted the above photo with … Read More

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Sep 28

Your Chances of Dying From…

From: Best Health Care Degrees Found this interesting graphic about the your chances of dying from a number of different activities and is share worthy. I have decided I would like to die at a dance party. The problem is … Read More

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Sep 20

Donald Trump gets #Pwned by Jessie Pegula

“The Donald” was trumped by Terry and Kim Pegula’s daughter in marvelous fashion. If you haven’t heard by now, Donald Trump fired off a Tweet yesterday taking credit for the amount of money the Pegulas spent on the Buffalo Bills. … Read More

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