In da Buff (Buffalo, New York)


Mulberry Italian Ristorante Needs Me To Go There

Tonight I was surfing the TV and happened to stop at Diners, Drive-ins and Dives just as Guy Fieri was saying Lackawanna.  My surfing stopped and I had to watch his piece on the Mulberry Italian Ristorante. I don’t watch many…
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Pizza in the B-lo

Loved Steve Watson’s article on local pizza Sunday in the Buffalo News. It reaffirms something I have always said…Buffalo and WNY has its own great pizza culture.  It is place that isn’t overrun with Papa John’s or Domino’s or Pizza…
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Holiday Food and Craft Fair Continues at the Market

The Broadway Market’s Holiday Food and Craft Fair continues this weekend at the Broadway Market. [click here for event poster – pdf] I love the Market!!!

As far as hot dogs go…Buffalo kicks NYC’s arse

I was reviewing a list of some of the nation’s best hot dog joints on MSN…Ted’s made list…how could it not. Thinking about Buffalo’s wiener culture, it doesn’t only stop at Ted’s…their are many fine establishments that offer a great…
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Buffalo’s Pizza Scene = Awesome!

The Buffalo and WNY pizza scene is a happening place. While watching the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives” last night that featured North Tonawanda’s Pizza Junction, I couldn’t help but think what a great place for pizza WNY is….
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Look to the cookie

Every time I go to the Broadway Market and see the above cookies at EM Chrusciki Bakery, I think of Seinfeld. From the The Dinner Party espisode: JERRY: Uhm, The thing about eating the Black and White cookie, Elaine, is…
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Gina & Joe’s GOODNESS at the Main Place Mall

For whatever reason…I thought about Gino & Joe’s @ the Main Place Mall early into this Monday…I used to eat there on regular basis when I worked downtown…though not a big fan of New York style za…I loved this place…
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