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The President Reacts to Oregon Shooting and We Should Listen

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This is a photo that White House photographer Pete Souza captured of President Obama while he watched coverage of the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. Just a really sad day. The President reacts in exasperation while glancing at…
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Ship Your Enemies Glitter!


A friend of an old college friend of mine posted a link his Facebook profile to a business that ships glitter to unsuspecting people. Anyone who has little kids knows of the nightmare a glitter storm will cause after it…
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My Tuesday 5¢: Haseoke, Jim Schwartz, Harborcenter, Pet Peeve and more Hasek

My 5¢

Haseoke Anyone who was a fan of the Sabres during the years they were on WNSA/Empire Sports has to remember Haseoke. For the those who don’t remember, Haseoke is what Dominik Hasek would sound like like singing karaoke. It is…
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SNOvember Doritos Banditos caught on Camera?

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[fb_embed_post href=”” width=”545″/] Looks like someone caught the Dorito Banditos in the act on Seneca Street in Buffalo doing the storm on Tuesday. The truck was abandoned during the lake effect craziness as roads became impassable. Angela Oestereich posted photos on Facebook of a…
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Donald Trump gets #Pwned by Jessie Pegula

“The Donald” was trumped by Terry and Kim Pegula’s daughter in marvelous fashion. If you haven’t heard by now, Donald Trump fired off a Tweet yesterday taking credit for the amount of money the Pegulas spent on the Buffalo Bills….
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Dożynki Festival Weekend at Corpus Christi Church


The 35th annual Dożynki Polish Harvest Festival at Corpus Christi Church in Buffalo, New York will take place this weekend on August 15, 16 and 17. The word Dożynki means a celebration of harvest and is a centuries old tradition…
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Sergio Rodriguez Responds to the Buffalo News & [BN] Complacent

Sergio Rodriguez Responds to the Buffalo News & [BN] Complacent

My Thursday 5¢


Buffalo Public Schools, Sergio for Mayor, The Sabres and more.