Morning Muzak: A song called Highway Star

Can’t remember exactly when I bought Made in Japan by Deep Purple…what I do remember is that I have listened to album countless times. Jon Lord (keyboards) and Ricthie Blackmore Read More …

Van Halen versus Van Hagar

THIS… …versus this. Sorry Van Hagar aficionados…it ain’t even close and never will be.

Amusing Ourselves To Death by Scott McMillen

HT Kirk Laubenstein via Facebook & the blog Sapte Stele / Seven Stars for image… It is hard to deny either Huxley’s or Orwell’s vision of the future… And then Read More …

OMG…Lady Gaga rips off Madonna?

Yesterday… Egypt was celebrating a revolution!!! But here in the U S of freaking A a lot of our attention was focused on Lady Gaga and her new song ‘Born Read More …

Sometimes I play GUITAR

I put this together a few years ago after thinking about the GRAY the winter brings… Enjoy or not enjoy!