In da Buff (Buffalo, New York)


My Monday 5¢: Da Bills, Canadian Elections, Refugees, Canal Side Concerts, & Van Halen


THE BILLS ARE A .500 TEAM The Buffalo Bills were outplayed by one of the best teams in the league yesterday and they lost. The Cincinnati Bengals came to town on Sunday and showed Buffalo just how far the our…
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Videos: Jack Eichel’s First Goal and 2015-16 Opening Night Next Chapter Vid

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Yes, the Sabres lost on opening night. If there never was an anticlimactic moment in Sabres’ history, the start of last night’s game was it. The build up to the season and opening night had been almost unreal. After the…
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My Tuesday 5¢: Haseoke, Jim Schwartz, Harborcenter, Pet Peeve and more Hasek

My 5¢

Haseoke Anyone who was a fan of the Sabres during the years they were on WNSA/Empire Sports has to remember Haseoke. For the those who don’t remember, Haseoke is what Dominik Hasek would sound like like singing karaoke. It is…
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Florida Panther Video and Misplaced Outrage

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Post by Suzanne K. Taylor. It is easy to be outraged about almost anything it seem nowadays. Such was the case Saturday night as the Florida Panthers played the above video on their jumbotron before they played our Buffalo Sabres….
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Darryl Talley is a Hero of Mine


It’s easy to say that football players or athletes aren’t heroes. But people like Darryl Talley inspire us to do great things in our own lives. Sure, he didn’t didn’t do battle in war or protect our freedom or saved…
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Buffalonians are outraged this morning

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Buffalonians are outraged this morning. Not about failing schools. Not about poverty. They are outraged about some words on the floor of a store in the Galleria Mall. The outrage began on Twitter when someone posted the above photo with…
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Video: Buffalo Bills Ralph Wilson Tribute Ceremony from 09/14


The best part of this video for me is when Jim Kelly was introduced to the crowd. It really sends shivers up your spine and may bring a tear or two. Our love affair with the Bills is crazy and…
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Hidden Backwards Masking Message in Bon Jovi Song Reveals his Intentions for Bills

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In 1986, Jon Bon Jovi was already contemplating moving the Buffalo Bills. The song “Livin’ on a Prayer” has a backwards masking sequence near the end where Bon Jovi reveals his intention to move the Bills. I have isolated the…
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