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Sep 30

Iraq War: Who cries for the chidren?

The last few days the war has been on my mind and bothering me a lot…thus this newest video montage… This has to deal with the children in Iraq… The innocent usually end up paying the highest costs of war…it … Read More

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Sep 29

Lost to war…

I posted this up on youtube a couple of months back…around Memorial Day… As the war rages on, it is important to remember that there are men and women a 1/2 a world away fighting and dying… Never forget…

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Sep 29

Loserville – USA

Talk about throwing money out the window… Some time ago I suppose I signed up on for one reason or another. Tonight as I was about to run over to parent’s night at Byrd children’s school my father gave the … Read More

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Sep 28

Will we know when Buffalo is back?

Interesting thing to ponder that comes via Buffalo Hodge Podge thru Buffalo Geek…  My thoughts on this will differ from Lenny’s or anyone elses… From Hodge Podge… What is success for Buffalo?  What are the objectives?  What is the time frame?  What … Read More

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Sep 28

‘Tis the season to turn up my dislike of the New York Yankees a few notches

With the baseball regular season ending on Sunday and the playoffs beginning next week, it is time to turn up my dislike for the Yankees a few notches. I know they are the most storied team in baseball…blah blah blah…but I … Read More

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