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Jun 29

mePHONE: So connected we are disconnected

I love technology…but…do we need to be plugged into the www all the time? The iPHONE mePHONE adds to a trend where we can’t do anything except be totally connected all the time…the problem I see though is that is … Read More

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Jun 28

Briere rejects Sabres offer

I picked this up from the Buffalo News… It looks like the Sabres were offering a 5 year deal worth $25 million. No official comments from either side. Nothing on Drury…

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Jun 28

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Early last week I wrote a post about people who use veiled or not so veiled references to Nazi Germany, etc. in critcizing the Bush administration… Here is the post… I don’t like the Bush administration…I thought he was a … Read More

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Jun 28

This is just sad

Keep the families involved and community of Fairport in your prayers. (video from WKBW)

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Jun 28


Mark Mulville/Buffalo News File Photo I am having anxiety issues over both Chris Drury and Daniel Briere….I am worried the Sabres will lose both. Who knows what will happen…but…as July 1st gets closer, I worry that both will be gone…if … Read More

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