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Monthly Archive: October 2007

The Market in the News with a bit of great news about the Statler!

(photo by Bill Wippert – Buffalo News) The holidays are coming quickly, and the volunteers at the Broadway Market know it. All signals show this is a time for real optimism at the Buffalo culinary icon that has had its…
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Oddly Cool II: Studio Version of Nightwish’s “The Phantom of the Opera”

HT Clarence Grad ’72 A few things…this video mixes the weird ass movie “Labyrinth” with the studio version of Nightwish’s “The Phantom of the Opera”…I never even considered a studio version of Nightwish’s version when I posted the live version…it…
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Polish Sausage Pizza

As I was contemplating the universe tonight…I wondered why I could not remember ever seeing or eating a Polish Sausage pizza out and about in the B-lo…Buffalo is a pizza wonderland…we love Polish Sausage…surely someplace must serve such a creation…I have…
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Buffalo Central Terminal special on WNED

”Central Terminal: Saving a Buffalo Landmark,” a 30-minute video documentary produced by the Canisius College Video Institute, will be shown on:  WNED: Friday, November 16 at 10pm       Sunday November 18 at 3:30am.  ThinkBright:  (Digital 43.3; Time Warner 21)              Sunday,…
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Asses and Elephants

I had thought about doing this post earlier today (yesterday) and didn’t…but after reading Buffalo Geek’s posting of an apparent voice mail left by Bill O’Loughlin to a guy named Bob, I felt compelled to…so here it is. Let’s have a little…
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World Serious

Being a Rockies’ fan, it was hard to watch them go down in a sweep to the Red Sox…being a baseball fan, I would have liked a better series as well…so it goes.

Human Filth…GWAR…Sick of You

GWAR IS GWAR…SONG AND VIDEO ARE GREAT… Your socks they smell, your feet they stink, You never take a bath. Your nose it runs, you bust your buns, You always finish last.