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Monthly Archive: April 2008

Another take on Reverend Wright

From Becky…who by the way is a 1972 graduate of Clarence High School… When the big Reverend Wright story broke, I admit to not noticing, believe it or not. I don’t watch the news on television anymore (or much of…
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Why I blog?

Honestly, I don’t think there is any definitive answer to that question…I do know I post things out here in cyberspace for different reasons depending on what I am keying about.

The Reverend Wrong

When I watched the above today, it didn’t take too long for me to figure out what Reverend Wright was up to…the good Rev has been catipulted to the world stage and would make the most of it. It is…
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I just checked into Becky’s blog and left this comment on her post about the Dem primary… Honestly…I know we get more cynical as we get older…but…we also get wiser…political campaigns seem like such a sham…it is sad really if…
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People doing good things…

If you get the chance, read Charity Vogel’s column from the 04/29/08 Buffalo News…good stuff! Sometimes I need a reminder as to who are the real heroes on the planet…her column did just that.

Remembering the Buffalo Braves

Found this cool Buffalo Braves history site tonight authored by the Buffalo News’ Budd Bailey… Good here to check it out! Also…checkĀ out Budd’s blog…he posted about Sport’s Illustrated VAULT which is available online…more good stuff!