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Monthly Archive: July 2008

NY = Doomed

I knew sooner or later we would have an address like this from a New York gov…New York has been riding the fiscal crazy train now for years.  Luckily…well maybe not luckily…Governor Patterson recognizes that the day of reckoning is at…
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BFA: Life is a Highway…Cruise into the Past Car Show at the Central Terminal

This year’s “Cruise” had to be moved indoors as the weather on Saturday was iffy…honestly…my first thought when I started going around the Paderewski Circle was that I had somehow got the date wrong because there was no one parked…
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BFA: Finding Zawadzki Part II

This is the second “Finding Zawadzki” slideshow…the next one will be in a few weeks. The most interesting shots for me were of the Zawadzki House on Fillmore. Yuri Hreshchyshyn of too many things to mention fame, pointed out last…
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BFA: Ychtis – Dziękuję – Corpus Christi Buffalo

Ychtis finished up their visit at Corpus Christi on Friday night with a concert in front of close to 200 people. The above is video is of the song “Dziękuję”… The show was fantastic! [originally posted on BFA]

Presidential Politics

Well…it is either Thing One or Thing Two for Prez this year…having fun with either via me blog is geting old…unless something absolutely absurd happens, I am going to hold off posting on T1 or T2. I will just leave you with these thought……
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Hold On…Triumph

An underated band…this song is awesome…I saw them at the Aud back in da day. I wish they would do a full blown reunion tour!

The Next NHL “Winter Classic”

I like the selection of Wrigley Field in Chi-town for the next hockey Winter Classic. Inside my ByrdBrain…I kinda hoped the Sabres could have co-opted the Classic into a Buffalo thang…like Thanksgiving football with Detroit and Dallas…but in reality, the…
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