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Aug 31


You can bet your a** that all levels of government are going to be prepared when Gustav hits the Golf Coast sometime on Monday.

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Aug 31

Facebook. . .

Over the past couple of weeks I started paying more attention to my Facebook accounts for BFA and me…honestly…I don’t like it…but I can understand the draw for people…it really does take the whole social aspect of the web to a … Read More

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Aug 30

Crazy 24 hours in the presidential race. . .Palin steals the show

Ok…it started last night with Barack Obama giving his much anticipated acceptance speech as the Democrat’s pick to run for the White House…as I expected, the coverage for the event was over-da-top…I didn’t watch the speech live but saw it … Read More

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Aug 29

UB Bulls win football opener 42-17 over UTEP

(UB players celebrate with fans after win) Two running backs over 100 yards rushing + quaterback throws 4 tds + defense picks off three balls generally adds up to a win…far too often in UB’s recent football past, the Bulls were usually … Read More

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Aug 28

Buffalo and Poverty

Almost 30% of Buffalonians live in poverty…the figure is sad…what is even more sad is that there are only two other cities with a population over 250K with a worse rate. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out … Read More

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