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Monthly Archive: November 2008

BFA VIDEO: Broadway Market Christmas Food Fair – 11/29/2008

Broadway Market Christmas Food Fair – 11/29/2008 from Christopher Byrd on Vimeo. The Broadway Market’s 2nd Annual Christmas Food Fair was a huge success…people from all around Western New York came down to the Market over the last couple of…
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Helen Lewandowski, 09/06/1916-11/29/2008

When I got home from the Broadway Market yesterday, I had a bunch of messages on my phone from my mother, aunt and brothers. I called my mom back and learned that my Babcia had passed away. I don’t really…
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BFA Photos: Broadway Market Christmas Food Fair Day One

(see rest of photos by clicking here) __________________________________________________________  It was nice to see the Market hustling and bustling today!The Food Fair continues thorugh 5:30 pm tomorrow. Alive!   [originally posted on BFA]

Sabres back on track

Pittsburgh Penguins 3 – Buffalo Sabres 4   Nov 28  1  2  3  T      Penguins  1  2  0  3      Sabres  1  1  2  4  «    Next game: @ Montreal Canadiens, Nov 29 7:00pm ET The…
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Friday morning Dickinson. . .Man of Sorrows

No excuses for my metal ways…I love Bruce Dickinson…love the guitar solo in this song. For those don’t know…Bruce Dickinson is the lead singer of Iron Maiden. Video…who knows why the person put this on U-tube in the way they…
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BFA: Giving thanks at St. Stan’s

  Went to Saint Stan’s this morning for the 9 am Thanksgiving Mass…Bishop Grosz gave a wonderful homily and reiterated the need for all of us to not forget the importance of saying thank you to others and how giving…
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Things that make me want to stop playing guitar

I was clicking around YouTube for some Michael Schenker…one of my fave guitarists…I stumbled on the following… I have no idea who the kid is playing, but she can play Schenker’s “Captain Nemo” better than I could ever hope to…so…
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Mumbai terrorist attacks

I have been listening to the BBC coverage of the Mumbai, India terrorist stuation via the web at work…what an awful scary situation. The world is truly an f’d up place.