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Monthly Archive: December 2008

Slug be damned, the Sabres need an attitude adjustment

Slug be damned… I shut off the game at the start of third period last night…I couldn’t stand to watch anymore. The Sabres need a serious attitude adjustment. I donut know if this can be done internally…our boys of winter…
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Dick Jauron is staying put

Can’t say I am surprised cuz I ain’t…this is an easy move for da Bills which keeps things on even keel down at Uno Bills Drive…would I have liked to see a change…I am on the fence…hmmm…maybe if the Bills…
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Obamagasmic Inauguration

Ka-ching goes the CHANGE… Obama is working to raise roughly $45 million to fund the inauguration. Participants will be asked to donate in “any amount,” according to a fundraising appeal being sent today to a list of 10 million people…
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Blagojevich to name Obama successor

From CNN… (CNN) — Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich is expected Tuesday to name former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris to the U.S. Senate, CNN affiliates the Chicago Tribune and WLS-TV reported, citing sources familiar with the decision. This Blago guy is…
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Hitler on Ice and Jews in Space

I still laugh at this. Mel Brooks…genius. One hell of a Stand-Up Philosopher!

UB’s “Hail Mary” a Finalist in Contest

HT WGRZ The UB Bulls’ heart-stopping, last second win over Temple University is a finalist in’s “Game Changing Performance” of the year contest. In week three of the 2008 NCAA Football Season, Buffalo Quarterback Drew Willy threw a 35-yard,…
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New York Times – 2008 – The Year in Pictures

Fantastic photos from The New York Times… [click here to view]

Me thinks the Middle East. . .

…will never find peace…why…because of stories like this and this for example. I don’t think any American President or his administration will ever be able to broker any lasting peace either…well…at least in my lifetime. Amazingly sad all of it.