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Monthly Archive: January 2009

State of Buffalo

Regardless of what one thinks about the Brown administration’s tactics, I give the Mayor and his team full marks for keeping Buffalo’s finances in check.  This despite a still declining city/region and one of the worst financial crises this country…
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That is all it is…another government lie in the name of helping everyday people…it is not going to put back the money the Byrd family lost in investments this year…it is not going to ease the pain of a 20% increase…
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Sometimes my Facebook updates make it on the Tom Bauerle show

If you didn’t know, the Wing King…Drew Cerza was on Regis with Kelly Wednesday as they featured “Ultimate Game Day Food” in anticpation of the Super Bowl…well Regis dropped a couple of wings while mixing them in the sauce…I Twitted about…
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For some reason…every time I post/embed a youtube or other video, the front end of my blog crashes in IE…who knows…I will have to research the problem.

The Cult of Snuggie

Funny! I crack up everytime I see the real commercial…especially when the clip of the parents wearing said Snuggie at a soccer game. HT USA Today

Buffalo: A Weirdly Wonderful Place, Part II

Maybe the idea of new catch phrase for Buffalo created accidentally unpurpose by Anthony Bourdain is like catching…