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Monthly Archive: February 2009

Horseradish THIS

Snapped these this morn…Wanda from the Broadway Market’s Famous Horseradish stand in action. I have probably posted this before, but there is no other horseradish on the planet better than what comes from Wanda’s hard work. As an aside, this is…
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Of Asses and Elephants the Jindal and Obama version

It is funny to watch, read and listen to the asses and elephants line up behind their favorite political animal after President Obama’s Non State of the Union State of the Union speech and Louisiana Governor Jindal’s GOP response…who would have guessed?

BFA: Ashes at Corpus Christi

Snapped this quick pic at Corpus Christi during the 11:30 am Mass and the distribution of ashes. Nice mass… What a glorious day outside as well! Snapped the following after Mass of the church… Spring is in the air… [originally…
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God Hates Australia too

Last week word came out that Fred Phelps and his merry bunch of lunatics from the Westboro Baptist Church were going to send people to Buffalo to picket and spread their message of hate at the memorial services of Flight 3407 victims.  At…
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Sabres quacked by Ducks 3-2

I wish the Ducks were still call the Mighty Ducks, but that is the least of my hockey concerns today. That game last night was absolutely not what I expected out of the Sabres…I wanted to see the Sabres come…
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Obama speech subtext

My thoughts on Obama’s State of the Union speech … Obama did a masterful job of tying in the financial crisis to the agenda he laid out to the public while campaigning…he wants to pave the road to financial recovery by investing in education, health…
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President Obama’s speech in a cloud…

I find Wordle very cool…here is the link for full view of above word cloud of speech… HT NPR