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Monthly Archive: April 2009

Of Asses and Elephants…Specter the Defector

I wish I had more time to write about Specter becoming an Ass, but I don’t…the move symbolizes everything that is wrong about politics…me and my political life first…everything else second…Obama fan is happy though…MAGIC 60 votes in US Senate…
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BFA Photos: Saint Nicholas Ukranian Catholic Church – 04/18/2009

(click here to view larger version of images) I did get the opportunity to stop in to Saint Nicholas Ukranian Catholic Church on 04/18 to take some pics of the church prior to the 3 pm blessing of parishioner’s Easter…
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BFA Photos: From the Terminal Plaza – 04/26/2009

  (click on images for full view) One of the best views of B-F any time of the day is from the Central Terminal Plaza…   Snapped these about 8 pm on Sunday. [originally posted on BFA]

Bills best draft EVER?

How could it not be after the Bills drafted someone named Byrd?  I know it may be too early to forecast this, but Jarius Byrd may end up being the greatest Bill ever. All kidding aside, tough to predict how any…
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I need a career in the public sector then run for political office

This type of local news story makes it way to print or the internet a few times of year. From the Buffalo News… Politicians, it turns out, are special — at least when it comes to their public pensions. That’s…
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BFA Photos: Saint Ann’s – German Mass – 04/26/2009

  (click on images for full view) Saint Ann’s Church and Shrine celebrated its third annual German Mass on Sunday, April 26th at 10 AM. Fr. Mateusz Wydmanski, OSPPE from Corpus Christi ( was the celebrant. What a nice mass…
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Pelosi tortured

Having solid intelligent conversation and debate over what constitutes torture and how people in the custody of any entity of the United States are treated is one thing, but as is the usual with our wonderful leaders in Washington, the…
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