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Monthly Archive: July 2009

Byrd Tweets for 2009-07-31

Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head # @skunkworks716 at Woman's Hiking Boots-R-Us in reply to skunkworks716 # @roaring_repub Cash for my old Nintendo so I can get X-BOX 360 in reply to roaring_repub # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Teachable Moment(s)

Am I the only one who is beginning to find the phrase “Teachable Moment” increasingly irritating? Here is a definition I found for it… teach·a·ble mo·ment (plural teach·a·ble mo·ments) noun Definition: moment of educational opportunity: a time at which a…
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Say it ain’t so, Big Papi

The news that David “Pig Papi” Ortiz tested positive for roids back in 2003 isn’t so much a shocker as it is disappointing. Even more disappointing when you take what he said about players on roids… “Ban ’em for the…
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Satish Mohan Interview 09/26/05


(download) I found my interview of Satish Mohan I wrote about in a post yesterday…it is an interesting listen almost 4 years later…was done about two weeks after he upset the Dirk Rabenold in the Republican primary. It has me…
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Air ain’t free…

I got po’d yesterday when I stopped to gas up the Byrdmobile and fill a tire on said Byrdmobile which was looking kinda low. The usual practice at this Mobil station has been if you make any sort of purchase you…
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Byrd Tweets for 2009-07-30

@jannygirl Awesomeness!!!! in reply to jannygirl # RT @Drudge_Report Dems resist subpoenaing VIP mortgage records… – Imagine that… # Powered by Twitter Tools.


Hard to believe that my 15 minutes of Satish Mohan fame happened well over three years ago with my “got SATISH?” satishirts. I was reminded of it ealy last week when the Buffalo News did an article about him and…
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