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Monthly Archive: August 2009

Byrd Tweets for 2009-08-31

Crazy day yesterday…took Byrd daughter back to college in Albany…weird when your kids leave…weird driving to and fro Albany in 1 day. # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Diamonds and Rust

I may have posted this before…but…this is my blog and I do whatever me wants to. I just love this live version of the song from 2006…Judas Priest did it originally in 1977 on the Sin after Sin album… It…
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As for the Bills

If these were the 90s and the Bills’ heyday of that era, it would be easy to get an idea of what the team was going to do in the coming season…heck…even when the Bills were crappy in the 80s,…
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Byrd Tweets for 2009-08-26

It's raining…imagine that! # @EthanBFLO Right on Ethan…it is silly in a destructive sorta way. in reply to EthanBFLO # Where there is there is hope… # @redsbasement Didn't know Red was expecting…congrats! in reply to redsbasement # @kevinhardwick…
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In this world where we idolize all the wrong people for all the wrong reasons, the real heroes in Buffalo and the world don’t go about beating their chests…they go about their lives helping people without seeking the spotlight. Firefighters…
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Can’t wait to see the new Federal Courthouse completed

Snapped the top photo while downtown yesterday as well. The new federal couthouse is going up slowly but surely next to city hall…I can’t wait to see how it look mixed in with Buffalo’s skyline…if its renderings are any indication,…
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