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Monthly Archive: November 2009

Thanksgiving weekend leftovers

Some stuff I wanted to blog about over the last few days but didn’t get a chance to do… Child Porn 1300 That is the number of “images depicting children of less than 18 years of age engaged in sexually…
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Hypocrisy and Celebrity

I love it…well, I don’t love it…when celebrities or politicians go out of their way to tell us lower lights that we need to be green or how to live our lives while they live lavish lives we can only…
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Byrd Tweets for 2009-11-29

Much needed happiness in Bills NATION!!! # WOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOO interception!!!! # Action JACKSON! # T O U C H D O W N!!!!! # Always nice laying a can of Buffalo whoop ass on Miami…. # Congrats Perry Fewell!!! Nice…
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White House FAIL: State Dinner Party Crashers!!!

I am sure Secret Service HEADS WILL ROLL over this. The story of a Virginia couple who crashed the Obama’s first state dinner Tuesday night is equally parts troubling and funny. ┬áIt leaves me shaking my head in disbelief. All…
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Buckethead tribute to Michael Jackson

This is just a beautiful guitar piece…I never listened to Buckethead…a few months ago my Byrd friend John sent me a link to one of his songs…an amazing, weird and cool player. I have been hooked ever since. The weird…
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Byrd Tweets for 2009-11-25

Hold the stuffing…Barack Obama pardons himself today at White House. # @peteherr Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!! in reply to peteherr # Powered by Twitter Tools.