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Monthly Archive: January 2010

Do it again

Sometimes I forget how cool The Kinks are… Standing in the Middle of nowhere Wondering how to begin Lost between tomorrow And yesterday Between now and then…

How well are the Sabres playing this year, some thoughts and some questions

They are 5th overall in NHL standings…they are on pace for 48 wins and 107 points. I liked that the Sabres bounced backed from the 7 game road trip with two wins at home…the road trip could have been better…
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Byrd Tweets for 2010-01-29

RT @BFAlive Father Anzelm Chalupka’s last mass at Corpus Christi live on BFA Sunday # Follow like Friday @broadwaymkt @BFAlive @JerryZremski @sosharon @pointblank009 @BNHarrington @twoeightnine #ff # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Falling to Peaces

My guess is that before a new companion Peace Bridge is ever built, one of two things will happen. In 2027, there will be a celebration for the 100 year anniversary of the bridge without the companion anywhere in sight….
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Erie County Asses

Len Lenihan was asked how he feels about NYS Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver coming to town yesterday to raise money for the Erie County Democratic Committee and this is what he said… “I feel great about it.” This my friends…
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Byrd Tweets for 2010-01-27

New Era staying put # iWITCH #ipads # What to watch… #SOTU or #SABRES ? Teleprompter or men on skates?!?!?!? # Imagine that! # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Naming rights

I saw this story on WKBW yesterday…PETA is willing to pay for much needed repairs to the Peace Bridge if they are allowed to call it the “Peace on Your Plate Bridge”. Gotta hand to PETA for getting some publicity…
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Sick of it all…

Sick of local politicians! Sick of state politicians! Sick of national politicians! Sick of it all… Locally…seriously, is there truly anyone out there who will change the fortunes of Buffalo and WNY? Is there anyone to believe in? Nope… State…see…
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