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Monthly Archive: February 2010

Who is giving to what to whom

Want to see where politicians are getting their money from and who they are giving money to? The New York State Board of Elections gives you a glimpse with access to campaign finance disclosure reports. Just enter the name of…
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New York and its subsidiaries ain’t never gonna change

People who think we can look to the Dems or Rebubs and magically elect change for New York are sadly mistaken. Whether we are talking about political leadership in Cheektowaga or Cayuga County or Albany, the political machines rule all…their…
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USA versus Canada…the Star Spangled Banner Hendrix

The little hockey game being played in Vancouver this afternoon should be awesome! Some Hendrix action to set the stage! USA…USA…USA!

MSNBC gets Punk’d by prankster posing as Ryan Miller

Awesome…I am amazed when stuff like this happens to the mainstream media. The prankster “guarantees” gold for the USA and Willie Geist the interviewer eats it up. Above video is of the prank and then video of Willie Geist apologizing…
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Sometimes I go to women’s college basketball games

(click on images for full view) Last night I attended Canisius versus Saint Peter’s down at the Koessler Center….great game with the Lady Griff’s coming out on top 54-40 ending a four game losing streak. I am not a big professional…
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Paterson = Over

You have to wonder if Gov. Paterson ever wishes that Eliot Spitzer would have never been the f’n prostitute steamroller…he could have went about with his Lieutenant Governor gig having a grand time. Well, Paterson is having a grand time…
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The Wambulance at the Health Care Summit

  I don’t know exactly when the legislative process health care reform took off last year, but what a bleeping disaster the whole mess has become. The latest in this saga is taking place down Washington way this week with the President’s health care reform…
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Byrd Tweets for 2010-02-25

Arg #fb # To all who bug me about giving up Facebook for Lent but see my Tweets on Facebook you can harass someone else…changed app…ciao #fb # @mspowers Maybe we can put him in a cage?!?!?!? in reply to…
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