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Monthly Archive: May 2010

Byrd Tweets for 2010-05-31

And just like that, 2-0 Blackhawks late in the second… #fb #nhl #stanleycup # Blackhawks up 2 games to 0 heading to Philly for games 3 and 4… #fb #nhl # Blackhawks up 2 games to 0 heading to Philly…
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Byrd Tweets for 2010-05-29

That was not the opening game of the Stanley Cup Finals I expected…but I will take it! Go Hawks! I could never root for the Flyers. #fb # Powered by Twitter Tools.

Byrd Tweets for 2010-05-28

Follow @chucktodd @AnthonyBialy @pinkBFLO @ryanknapp @PatrickMoranBSD @BuffaloSpree @lhaneberg because it's Friiiiiiday #ff # RT @Drudge_Report: 'King Cuomo' Mocked At NY Convention… # RT @tpmpolls: US-Congressional Approval: Approve 15.0% Disapprove 62.0% (May. 25 – YouGov/Polimetrix) # Uomo campaign eerily…
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King Cuomo II

My personal feelings on Curtis Sliwa aside, this is awesome…to me, it is brings light to the farce that is political king (queen) making in New York State. HT Buffalo Pundit for capturing this!

Shorter New York State Democratic Convention

Seriously… The convention must be one huge love fest of how the state Democrats are the ones to change things. Translation…BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. Empty rhetoric fest…

Obama administration not that slick in oil spill handling

With the coverage intensifying on the environmental impact of the oil spill, it is becoming clear that Obama administration has dropped the ball in handling the aftermath. The federal government couldn’t really do anything to help BP in plugging the…
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