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Monthly Archive: June 2010

Saint Adalbert Basilica, Facebook and Me

I am skeptical of Facebook’s ability to draw people to events and causes. In the past, I have gotten mixed results with different things I have promoted…some have turned out great and some not-so-great. Just because someone becomes a fan or likes something…
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Feeling the earthquake on social media

I know I wasn’t the only one who after feeling or hearing about the earthquake today in WNY, automatically went to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. to find out exactly what was going on and looking for multimedia on the event….
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Shrinking Buffalo

New census estimates point to Buffalo still getting smaller…if the numbers hold true, Buffalo will go from the 59th largest city in the US to 70th. I do like Marti Gorman’s attitude in the video above… “We need to celebrate…
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The Buffalo News’ website has other problems besides comments

On Sunday, the Buffalo News’ head honcho Margaret Sullivan told us of changes to their comment system in attempt to eliminate the anonymous over the top comments that plague the online version of the B-lo News. If you have ever…
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Byrd Tweets for 2010-06-20

Off to Evangola for Father's Day with the Byrd family… #fb # Happy Father's Day to all the tweetin fathers!!! # Powered by Twitter Tools.