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Monthly Archive: December 2010

Who should I blame for things?

I think I have found the perfect answer or excuse to give to people when I need to get out of something…BLAME OZZY! Thank you William Liston of Ohio for such a grand idea. I am already contemplating the possibilities. Examples……
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What horrors will World Junior’s bring today?

Five days into the World Junior’s and the horrors abound! What will today bring? Honestly, I love the tournament being here, but I wonder if Buffalo’s collective subconscious is just wired to complain and find negatives in everything now…even the positives….
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Byrd Tweets for 2010-12-29

@PatrickMoranBSD I have no confidence that they will be able to turn the season around and make the playoffs… # Kolędy Concert @ Saint Adalbert Basilica # Hockey: USA versus Canada = WAR # @BfloBlog I agree…I haven't…
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Eighteen year old and Swedish blogger don’t like Buffalo…whoopty freakin’ do!

If the premature COMPLAINT stories weren’t enough about the World Juniors, here comes Emerson Etem of Team USA blasting the B-lo with the above tweet. The tweet itself deserves a mightyYAWN, but our local media reaction penchant for overreacting to…
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Jumping the gun on World Junior complaints

I read this headline on WKBW’s website this morning… Some Downtown Businesses Disappointed with Hockey Tournament Turnout This was only the second day of the tournament…there was only one game yesterday downtown. Talk to me  after the event is over…
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Sabres Have A Tough Road Ahead

With 46 games left in the season and 92 points left to be had, the Sabres probably need to pick up between 55-65 of them to make it to the playoffs.  It is not that far of a stretch to…
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