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Monthly Archive: August 2011

Flutie Flakes

It is hard to believe that the whole Doug Flutie as a Buffalo Bill thing started about 13 years ago. I have to admit I was a Flutie Flake.  I didn’t care if Rob Johnson was the prototypical NFL quarterback…
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Video: Louis C.K. on Buffalo


First… If you have never watched the series Louie on FX, you are missing out. Second… I love Louis C.K. and his brand of humor. Third… On Louie last night he did a mini rant on Buffalo. This episode featured…
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Van Halen versus Van Hagar

THIS… …versus this. Sorry Van Hagar aficionados…it ain’t even close and never will be.

Rescue Me Part II

And then there is this song by Buckcherry… I have always thought that the band’s front man Josh Todd looks like Denis Leary. It somehow all fits together.

Rescue Me

I have been in an on again off again fan of Rescue Me through much of its run on FX. This season has been great and is the show at its best. When it was announced this would be the…
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Byrd Tweets for 2011-08-14

Bills-Bears game preview <—time for most of us to get our first peek at the #Bills # @redsbasement @CoreyGriswold Twitter should be a Kenny Loggins free zone. # Feeling a bit nostalgic with first preseason game. Joe Ferguson was…
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Byrd Tweets for 2011-08-13

An Open Letter to Those Without Children # #FF @AllThingsJen @ccharvella @buffaloscribe @AngryLindy @TheHockeyNews @jimmilles @NicholasMendola @Artvoice # – ESPN looking out for itself after Tebow criticism – # #Buffalo food legends: the 'Old Pink' steak sandwich…
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Wish I could have just one more slice

As I reported a little over a month ago, the owner of Bocce’s on Clinton Street had suffered a stroke and the pizzeria abruptly closed. Not long afterward, Rudy Sacco passed away. From the comment section of my original post…….
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