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Monthly Archive: September 2011

Just two people making a difference for preservation in Buffalo

With all the work I do in Broadway-Fillmore, I meet all kinds of people. Earlier this year I met Meagan Baco from Painting for Preservation at a clean-up I was running at the Broadway Market…she rolled up he sleeves and helped…
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A Primary Lesson

I don’t know Dion Watkins.  I do know this.  The guy is 1 vote shy from turning the primary race for the mayor of Lackawana into upset of the year in local politics. He released this statement when he announced…
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09/11/2001 thoughts…

Ten years ago today, the United States was attacked by terrorists who simply hate us for what we are and what we represent. I still tear up whenever I watch TV coverage of the 09/11…the senseless and unthinkable loss of…
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Byrd Tweets for 2011-09-10

Sunday Art-In to Support St. Adalbert's fight to Stay Open – Buffalo Rising # Hate when political signs randomly show up on my lawn… # @manda903 @buffalocentric Agreed…don't forget about the dawn of the "trap" either in early 90s….
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For the love of the game of hockey

For my son’s birthday in July, I got him a street hockey net. A couple of weeks ago I put it together and we have started playing some street hockey in the evenings. I used to play street hockey religiously…
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