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Monthly Archive: February 2013

My 5¢ – 02/21/2013


Crisis in Levittown If you have never seen this documentary about a black middle-class family that moves into white Levittown, PA in 1957, just watch. It is thirty minutes well spent looking into racism in the 1950s United States. It was put…
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I Am Alone

A l o n e

Been on these streets for so long Does anyone really care They say I want a handout Does anyone really care Just hungry for love and hungry for home Does anyone really care I am alone.

My 5¢ – 02/10/2013


Love Canal There is a piece in the Buffalo News today about a lawsuit being filed by some current homeowners in the Love Canal Black Creek Village neighborhood of Niagara Falls who believe there are still chemicals in the area affecting…
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My 5¢ – 02/06/2013


What do we want Buffalo to be? Muddling.  I can’t help but to feel that is what I am doing while working through the trials and tribulations of helping Buffalo’s East Side.  There never seems to be any order to…
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Don’t Panic, Call Vanek

Buffalo Sabres

The Sabres’ win last night against those dreaded Bruins was the early highlight of this young season.  After the Sabres fell behind 3-1 in the second period, all of Hockey Heaven thought Buffalo was doomed to lose…me included.  But the…
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