Brain Drain from WNY not as bad as we think?

We all know that Buffalo and WNY’s population continues to decline…but a study due out tomorrow points to the real problem…it is not the people we lose or the so called “brain drain”…it is that our region fails to attract people to move in.

From the WKBW story on the study

But what about brain drain? That’s college educated people leaving town to find jobs. According to Dr. Deitz’s research, it isn’t a big problem in our area. Alaska has the highest percentage of people leaving, and Upstate New York is just about the same as the national average, retaining more people than many other states, including Nevada, and Virginia.

Dr. Deitz is hoping his findings help policy makers focus on what’s really important here… not so much young professionals leaving, but rather, a lack of people moving in.

That is the key to it all….people will always leave…move on, etc., but we have to offset this by attracting more people than we lose…seems simple enough…there are signs that WNY is about to turn the corner…the renewed interest in downtown Buffalo development, Canalside, the medical campus, the success of Buffalo Old Home Week, and a myriad of other things point to the region standing at the corner ready turn…we just need to keep the momentum going so we do indeed turn it.

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