Asses and Elephants


I had thought about doing this post earlier today (yesterday) and didn’t…but after reading Buffalo Geek’s posting of an apparent voice mail left by Bill O’Loughlin to a guy named Bob, I felt compelled to…so here it is.

Let’s have a little conversation…I don’t where your political affiliation is…you may be a Dem or a Republican…but I am here to tell you it is time to remove that “D” or “R” from your handy dandy voter card.

Why you ask?

Simple…do you honestly think that either big party gives a crap about you?

It may be hard to accept but they don’t…think about it…look at people running for office this year locally or look ahead to the big PRESIDENTIAL race next year…if some of these folks would run into you on the street and started babbling the political speak they do, it would come off being something akin to a used car salesperson…all the buzz words politicians use coupled with their creepy politically motivated/contrived mannerisms are both weird in nature…these people aren’t “real”…sure they exist in flesh-n-blood but it is all part of a big sales job which amounts to trying to buy our vote…little substance a lot of hot air…not real.

When these folks get into office, the furthest thing from their list of priorities is what is good for we the people…it is more of a priority in retaining power for themselves first and then the party they are beholden to…after you factor in taking care of all of the support they have received from lobby groups and supporters, we the people are way down on the political food chain.

I have worked in the political game…it is easy to figure out what the true importance of election cycle is and I will tell you what, as importance goes, it ain’t us!

This why it is time you take a hard look at your voter card…do you want to be a person who just goes along with what the D’s and the R’s shovel our way every year…that what we get in the mail, hear on radio, see on TV or read on the internet from all these wonderful candidates around election time is really what you and I should put our faith in…for the most part, all of it is just a load of crap…I would like to think the electorate (you and I) are a hell of a lot smarter than that….are we though?

3 thoughts on “Asses and Elephants

  1. And what is the other option?
    Look – I got rid of the D & R a long time ago when the first president I ever voted for turned out to be a dick (For real, not just in name). But that does not do anything. Most times you end up voting for the lesser of two evils. Look at the CE race. I have serious doubts about both.
    So are we smarter? What do we do when there is just two options, and neither are exactly great? We go for the lesser of 2 evils. That’s all. The D & R mean nothing more than which party is going to call you during the primary and beg for votes and money.

  2. PD…

    I think that is what kills me…there is no alternative or at least not really…we are stuck…we need electoral reform…the key is how to reform when the people who vote on reform initiatives are the ones it would effect…

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