2012 Presidential Election Analysis: The Rise of the Internet Political Douchebag

I was preparing to write an analysis and takeaway of what the 2012 presidential election meant to the country.  Almost a week after the re-election of Barack Obama, I decided to switch gears.


I read Mitch Albom’s “If only a president sounded like this” column.  The piece is what Albom wished the winner of the political race of races would say after the win.

From it:

We pitted you against each other to try to win the election. It was wrong. It was disgusting. America is the land of opportunity — for everyone. That’s what we should celebrate. Instead, we painted a picture where you were on one side of the 47% or the other. We encouraged the poor hating the rich and the rich resenting the poor. We used class warfare to get us to this office, not because it is right or decent or moral — but because it works.

Shame on us.

Shame on me for being a part of it.

Albom’s columns are either great or crap for me.  In this one, he nails it.

This brought me to the idea of the rise of the political douchebag.

If you are like me, you have to have seen the posts all across the wonderful spectrum of internet outlets in which people went to great douchebag length to support their candidate in 2012.  This douchebag world of politics is where said douchebags post all kinds of crap demonizing one side or another in posts, comments, pictures, etc.  The internet has lowered the bar on what shit is served.  It is like people have found their new purpose in life by spending their days being a douchebag.  People must sincerely believe that posting asshat level crap all day long will somehow change other douchebags minds on who to vote for. Even after all was said and done after the election, the douchebaggery continues.

This is the first presidential election where social media was a big part of the political mix.  Instead of being a vehicle for rational debate and conversation, it was a vehicle for douchebags everywhere to up their game.

My guess is that the douchebaggery will only get worse online as time progresses.

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