My 5¢ – 01/09/2013

Buffalo Nickel

NHL Lockout

I am happy that the Sabres will be back on the ice in about 10 days.  The lockout was ridiculous.  For as much as I pissed and moaned about both the owners and the players during it, I will be tuning in like everyone else when the puck does finally drop.

It is going to interesting to see how the 2013 version of the Blue & Gold respond to a 48 game season.  Any plans coaching and management had are for the most part out the window.  If you look at the team on paper, you have to wonder do the Sabres have the talent to make the playoffs.  Will Ryan Miller be the goaltender he was a few years ago?  Will Ville Leino be better this year?  Will young guns like Luke Adam, Marcus Foligno, Cody Hodgson and No. 1 draft choice Mikhail Grigorenko help take the team back to the playoffs? What type of impact will Steve Ott have on the team?

The season is going to come fast and furious.  There will be no room for extending losing streaks. It is going to be a wild ride for the next few months.

Bills New Coach

All I am going to say is that hiring any coach is a crap shoot.  It did become seriously evident towards the end of the season that Chan Gailey and his staff were spinning their wheels to get the 2012 Bills to perform the way a lot of us thought they could.

The Light

If you haven’t read my post on bringing the Central Terminal’s light fixture back to Buffalo on Broadway Fillmore Alive, you can read it here—>

Buffalo Mayoral Race 2013

Will there be any serious challengers to Mayor Byron Brown this fall?

Buffalo’s had only three mayors since 1978.

James Griffin Griffin Democratic January 1, 1978 January 1, 1994
Anthony Masiello Democratic January 1, 1994 January 1, 2006
Byron Brown Brown Democratic January 1, 2006 Present

For a city that has been in a state of heavy decline for that time period and more, it is kind of ridiculous to think that any of them survived for as long as they did. Buffalo needs bold new leadership. I don’t know if that is even possible with the way politics work locally.

Last year I wrote about how I wished Mark Poloncarz would have set his political aspirations on the mayor’s office instead of the county executive office.  Is there someone else out there who can really help usher in a new age for Buffalo?  Is there a Buffalo version of Cory Booker out there?


I have tried to restart my blogging misadventures many times over the last couple of years.  I hope this is it.

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