My 5¢ – 01/15/2013

Buffalo Nickel

Buffalo and Hockey

I know I am from Buffalo and this makes me biased, but this f’d up mess of city of ours is probably the best damn NHL hockey town this side of the Canadian border in North America.

Why?  These are some of the reasons.

Also, there is a reason the NHL/NBC picked Buffalo to host their first nationally televised game…the barn is going to be full and rocking come Sunday afternoon.

Note to NHL – Buffalo, a small market for real, is the kind of city where more teams should be.  Stop trying to be a league you are not ever going to be.

My gOD is Better Than Your gOD

Religion. How can we take something that its core should be a source of inspiration, good and having faith in something greater than ourselves and turn it into a vehicle of hate?  When you  look at history and the present, religion has been the source for much war, anger and hate.  It makes you wonder what type of god would accept any of it.

Preservation in the Old Hold

Polonia's Wreckage

I wrote a piece about what you see in the images above on Broadway Fillmore Alive.  It is about the former Chopin Singing Society building on Buffalo’s East Side.  You can see more photos and read the post by clicking here—>

My work over in the neighborhood amounts to a second job. The years of decline in Buffalo has produced many buildings like the Chopin building.

Chris Smith from Artvoice wrote this about my post:

Why do we allow these things to happen? These places are part of our regional heritage and they deserve to be preserved. However, we live in a city that absolutely refuses to properly mothball abandoned buildings or hold property owners accountable for neglecting their properties. This building no longer stands a chance at rehabilitation, but it never should have been allowed to fall into such a state of disrepair. The core of our problem is that the City of Buffalo takes little proactive action to preserve our built environment, which results in the entirely reactive tactic of citizens frantically filing last minute lawsuits to prevent demolitions of buildings that are beyond repair.

We need a comprehensive plan for the abandoned and neglected properties in the City of Buffalo and we need it now. We need to demand it, because it’s our responsibility to make it happen.

It would be great if Buffalo decided to be at the forefront and take an innovative approach in dealing with the large number of vacant buildings it has throughout the city.  I am realistic enough to know that everything can’t be saved and reused, but there has to be a better way to ensure historic and heritage sites of significance aren’t lost. The job right now essentially falls on the shoulders of activists and preservationists who always are ten steps behind monitoring the condition of  buildings.

All Polka All the Time

Did you know there is a 24/7 streaming website for polka music?  If you didn’t, now you do.  Visit–>

A friend of mine, Sandra Lewandowski, has her Center Stage show on tonight at 7pm…her show is fun.

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