My 5¢ – 01/24/2013

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Preservation Dummies

I wrote this here yesterday on Facebook—>

This is something I thought about tonight…it was brought up by my favorite DC based preservation type person Meagan Baco a few weeks back…here I am at almost midnight working wrapping up some work for the Broadway Market, next I am moving on to putting together a series of ads for Corpus Christi Church…all volunteer stuff…and that is just today. Us preservationist and activist types just don’t show up when a building needs to be saved…we are here at all hours of the day supporting and working on a lot of the behind the scenes things to help preserve and protect the places in Buffalo we love. All of this while trying to live and manage our lives. Can I have an amen? 🙂

Sometimes people only see us preservationist dummies when a building has gone conditional critical.  Let me assure you, we are always around.  You don’t see us because we are the ones working heavily behind the scenes ensuring that a lot of places don’t go condition critical.

I know it may seem silly to some to see people fighting to save a building ravaged by time and the elements.  But come on, how can you not appreciate their efforts to save our past for the future.  Without them, Buffalo would have lost a lot more of its architectural wonders.

Gun Debate White Noise

A tough thing to do is get past all the white noise out there on the gun control debate. Whether it be social media or traditional media, there is a lot it.  What you have to do is look past it and find reasonable debate on the issue.

Here is a well reasoned piece by’s Peter Herr—>

From the post:

I do not accept that there is nothing we can do about this. We simply must look at our gun laws. I recognize there are more factors in this complex equation like violent video games, movies and books, and songs that glorify violence.

This is a hint as to the type of conversation and debate we should be having.  But what happens is what usually happens when matters like gun control take center stage…it becomes a politicized mess of us versus them.

The Collaborators and Non Collaborators 

One of the biggest things I have learned in doing volunteer work in Broadway-Fillmore is that collaboration is everything.  Unfortunately, I have also learned is a lot people have a tough time collaborating.

What I try to do now before I take on assisting in new projects is examine the collaboration factor and try to determine if people inside of project will be able to collaborate effectively.  When I develop a new project myself and seek out help, I come up with a simple collaboration strategy.  Part of that it is bringing on people who I know will work well together in getting things done.

New Sports Radio Station in Buffalo

If you haven’t heard it, you should check out Sports Radio 1270 – The Fan.  Most of their shows are national programming from CBS Sports Radio…but it is a nice alternative to WGR on the AM dial.  Simply said, it is good to have a choice.

Their one one local show features Rich Gaenzler from noon to 3 pm talking sports.  Buffalo did not have any local sports radio in this time slot and it is a welcome addition to the airwaves. Gaenzler was a regular on the Buffalo Bills Radio Network when WGRF 97 Rock was the flagship station before Bills left for WGR. He brings a fresh voice to local sports talk and I enjoy listening to him

Arctic Blast


This first extended blast of frigid weather has been tough to get used to.  But what can you do…it is part of life in the B-lo.

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