My 5¢ – 01/26/2013

My 5¢

The Sabres Were Up and Now They Are Down

With a 48 game season, the little ups and downs are going to be scrutinized a lot.  After the Sabres started 2-0, people were excited.  Now that they are 2-2 after a two game skid against the Hurricanes, people are starting to get down on them.  This is what a shortened season is going to be like for the fans.  I like it.  There is less room for error with this version of the blue and gold and the games mean a lot more.  Four games in and it is difficult to get a gauge on what this team is going is going to be like over the long haul of the short season.  It is going to make for some interesting hockey over the next few months.

No More Paperboys/Girls

As the newspaper biz has drastically changed over the last decade, the extinction of paperboys/girls as the prime delivers of the daily news is upon us. The last time I actually had a kid deliver my paper was early last decade.

Being a former paperboy for the Courier Express, it makes me sad.  It was great way to earn cash and helped teach me the value of working to make a buck.

The Middle East is Just Crazy

Will the madness in the Middle East ever end?

I was just reading about what’s been going on in Egypt over the last couple days and find all of it crazy.  And as you know, it is not only Egypt.  Everyday there is something new atrocity coming from the region from any one of the many countries in turmoil there.

The Younglings of Preservation

Today I had that opportunity to take Dana Saylor on a tour of Broadway-Fillmore.  Dana is not original from Buffalo, but has really dived into helping make a difference for this crazy city of ours and is part of this new wave of young preservationists who have popped up over the last few years.  She has been a driving force behind efforts to save the old Bethlehem Steel administration building in Lackawanna.

For someone who has been doing things on the East Side to help for awhile now, this group of kids are a welcomed force to be reckoned with.

Louise Slaughter Celebrating Abortion

Louise Slaughter

When I saw this pic on Louise Slaughter’s Facebook, I thought it was weird.

Regardless of where you stand on the abortion issue, celebrating Roe v. Wade 40th anniversary with a picture of a girl prepared to blow out birthday candles just seems wrong.

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