My 5¢ – 01/29/2013

Five Cents

Buffalo, We is Who We Be

Buffalo, New York

I wrote the below on Facebook.

I also agree with Deborah Williams up there in the comments in that we need to accept who we are and what we are now…let’s get really good at the things we are trying to accomplish. Buffalo can be great without making it on corny lists. Let’s celebrate what we have to have offer and build on that. There are still a lot of great neighborhoods around Buffalo beyond Elmwood that are holding their own. Let’s work on fixing the bad things. Let’s not lose our grittiness. We seem to be obsessed with proving to the world that we are cool. Cool cities don’t have to prove anything to anyone…neither do we. Can Buffalo grow…sure we can, but let’s not try to be something we are not.

This was in response to a post by Bernice Radle on how Buffalo could get on a list of Top Ten Hipster Towns in America.

Let me carry on with what I was getting at with my comment.

A lot of people in this town seem to think Buffalo constantly needs to prove its worth to the rest of the world and that we matter here.  The thing is we do matter.  It is time to stop having this mentality of tripping over ourselves to get the world to notice.

Our Hockey World Without RJ

With the surprise absence of Rick Jeanneret from the announcer’s booth to begin the Sabres season, it reminded me that the clock is winding down on his career.

Rick Jeanneret

When he finally calls it a day on the air, it is going to be weird for awhile. I know fans will move on and someone will come in and start a new legacy.  Nothing you can do except embrace the time RJ remains behind the mic.

Battery Travesty


So I bought this super duper mega pack of AC Delco AAA batteries for different devices around the house for $4.00.  The name AC Delco was the sell. I figured if these batteries are anything like their automotive counterparts, it was a great deal.  One word, wrong.  They suck.

This is definitely one of my worst purchases lately.  Damn you AC Delco.  My best guess is that AC Delco probably licensed use of their name to some crappy battery company to get people like me to buy their product.

Super Overkill

The lead up to the Super Bowl is sooooooooo overdone now. The coverage is never ending and over analysis of every little thing is a too much.  I really don’t care about the game until Sunday. If the Bills were in the Super Bowl, I would probably have a different attitude.  🙂

Mitch Albom on the Manti Te’o Craziness

Mitch Albom put together a great piece about the Manti Te’o fake girlfriend story.

From it:

Te’o is not the only victim of such ruses, which carry the nickname “catfishing.” MTV already has a reality show about it. A “reality” show about being fake. If that’s not an irony for our time, I don’t know what is.

I feel sorry for Te’o — not over this news media hailstorm (which will be over soon) but because he referred to his relationship with Lennay in a released statement as “what I thought to be an authentic relationship.”

It’s not authentic when you don’t even meet. Nobody kept Te’o from visiting Lennay over the years, or insisting on seeing her — long before he became a household name. Yet young people today live in such a virtual world, some actually consider romance a body-less enterprise.

Te’o said he would sleep with his phone next to him, his “girlfriend” on the line, which is sad, but still better than a college star who sleeps with lots of real women, then leaves them. Anyhow, it doesn’t warrant such righteous anger. We are way too infatuated with other people’s stories. Is it any wonder people keep embellishing them?

As I tried to process the T’eo craziness, I kept on thinking about how we love to see  people portrayed as good fall.  If we loved T’eo’s story before the fake girlfriend came to light, we loved it even more to see him knocked off his pedestal.  I guess that is just human nature, but it also sad.

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