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What do we want Buffalo to be?

Muddling.  I can’t help but to feel that is what I am doing while working through the trials and tribulations of helping Buffalo’s East Side.  There never seems to be any order to the chaos.  The poverty, the vacant homes, the disorganization, the decline and the never ending sense that I am making only small dents in huge problems leaves my wondering if the time and energy spent is worth it.

It also leaves me wondering what we want Buffalo to be.  It is like we have this chaotic pool of problems and no clear understanding on how to change things.  Sure there are some cool things going on here and there…Canal Side, the medical campus, Richardson Towers and the like.  But do these things fundamentally change how Buffalo does business?  I think we need to take a long hard look at the core of how Buffalo operates and change the culture of this town.

Instead of people working against the system to change things, we need the system to change and work in unison with community efforts to fundamentally transform Buffalo and bring it out of its state of decline.


If the Sabres don’t get on track soon, who knows what is going to happen.

There has been a lot of talk on social media and the local media about turning the page on Lindy Ruff.

This is where the Sabres are at.

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Yep, it ain’t pretty.  But, not all is lost yet.  It is still early in the season.  They are two points away from bopping back up the ladder significantly.  The next two weeks are going to prove to be interesting.  If the Sabres continue on the slide to bottom feederdom, it may be the time to pull the plug on Ruff.

The keys to get the Sabres going in the right direction aren’t that difficult.  The defense needs to play better and they need to start getting scoring from other places besides the first line.

State Run Casinos 

Bad idea.  There is already a lot of state sponsored gambling to take advantage of the populace.  The geniuses in Albany can’t figure out ways to help better balance the state budget except to take advantage of people.

In New York, we have new laws on the books to better help protect people from guns.  I wonder how many more lives are ruined because of gambling than guns.

Intelligence Squared U.S.

I love this series by NPR where they bring in people to debate a variety of issues.  These are not the lame political debates we have become accustomed to.  These are thought provoking Harvard style debates…beats most anything you will hear in the mainstream media.

I listened to Is The Internet Closing Our Minds Politically? earlier today.  Good stuff.

Audio of the Debate:[audio:]

For the record, I think we tend to gravitate towards information sources to support our views.

Awesome Pics

Just go and check these travel photos out by users of—>


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