My 5¢ – 02/10/2013

N I C K E LLove Canal

There is a piece in the Buffalo News today about a lawsuit being filed by some current homeowners in the Love Canal Black Creek Village neighborhood of Niagara Falls who believe there are still chemicals in the area affecting the health of residents years after the clean-up was completed.

Bottom line, the neighborhood should never have been allowed to be resettled regardless of what the government said about it being safe again.

And then there is this quote from the story:

“I wouldn’t have any problem living across the street from Love Canal,” said Niagara Falls Mayor Paul A. Dyster, who does not live in the Love Canal neighborhood.

Sure he would.

For Lent

I did this a couple of years ago and I think I am going to do it again this year.  What you ask? I may give up the personal side of posting on Facebook for Lent.  I would still have my blog posts go up there.

Facebook and the amount of time I spend on it are something I internally debate a lot.

We’ll see.

Ralph Wilson special on WGRZ

If you missed this last night because the Sabres were on, a rebroadcast is scheduled tonight on at 11:30pm on WGRZ.  I missed it and will be tuning in.

I would love to see local TV stations produce more of this type of programming…sports related or not.

Here is a preview of the special:

Speaking of Local TV Stations

Anytime there is a potential or actually snow event in Western New York, our local TV stations devote way too much time in covering. In an impromptu research session as to how much time, I clocked the beginning of a few newscasts with the latest storm to see how long the weather or weather related news was covered before other news. The average was 13-14 minutes.

A typical newscast is a 1/2 hour long…this means the newscasts only had between 16-17 minutes to cover the rest of the news, commercials, sports and weather again.

When did we and they become so obsessed with the weather that it impacts actual news delivery?

I Hate Lists

downloadI hate media driven best of lists and the like.

Why? The methodology used in them is usually crap and easy to poke holes in.

Why do I bring this up? There was a list of best places to relocate published in 2010 and put Buffalo at number 2. It recently started making the rounds again here in the interwebs locally like it was just released.

The list took a few positives from regions and came up with the end result. Buffalovers loved it of course, but the list didn’t have any real meat behind it.

I like positive news on Buffalo like anyone else, but I do think we eat lists like that up too quick as some form of validation of the region.

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