My 5¢ – 02/21/2013

Buffalo Nickel

Crisis in Levittown

If you have never seen this documentary about a black middle-class family that moves into white Levittown, PA in 1957, just watch. It is thirty minutes well spent looking into racism in the 1950s United States.

It was put together by Professor Dan Dodson of New York University.  He interviews people in the town and gives commentary on the on their responses. It is truly an examination of the heart of racism during this time period.  Fascinating.

Though I think our nation has come a long way since this film was put together, racism is still out there.

Facebook, Where Haters Hate

When cruising around Facebook, did you ever notice that the same people consistently hate with their comments?  I do.

It is like their whole purpose on Facebook is to troll around waiting to hate and bring a post/photo/whatever’s comment section to a screeching halt.  It would be cool if Facebook had a hater option similar to the like option.

Speaking of Facebook and Hate

I couldn’t believe some of the comments I was reading almost everywhere I looked for news about Pope Benedict retiring.  People have a beef with the Catholic Church, I get it.  But we live in a world now where the uninformed, nasty and scary can blather hatefully almost anywhere about anything through the wonders of the internet unfiltered.  I try to stay away from media related Facebook pages or sites for that reason.  The media loves it though.

The Lindy Ruff Firing

After Tuesday night’s loss to the Winnipeg Jets, Lindy Ruff looked like a defeated man.  You could also hear it in his voice too.  He simply ran out of answers on how to get this version of the Sabres over the hump and start performing.  While watching him, I thought to myself that this could be the end.  Did I think it would actually happen the following day? No.  But it did happen.

I thought the firing was the right thing to do.  The Sabres have been stuck in this place where we have been waiting for them to become a good team the last few years.  It just wasn’t happening.  At the beginning of the season, the expectations were high.

When news broke about the firing, I was surprised.  What followed for me was a whirlwind of emotions over it.  I was happy and sad.  Happy because the Sabres needed to start going in a different direction…sad because I really wanted Lindy Ruff to win the Stanley Cup here.

Yep, maybe he should have been fired years ago, but he guided the team through a lot of turmoil…I wrote the following a few weeks ago.

Ruff’s tenure is unprecedented in the NHL.  Though he has been successful in his 15 years here, the bottom line is he hasn’t taken us to the promised land of Lord Stanley’s Cup.  On the flip side of that, he has coached the team through some strange times…Ted Nolan leaving, the Rigas debacle, Sabres bankruptcy, Tom Golisano era and finally to the Terry Pegula era.  Ruff has definitely endured some challenges along the way.

I am not gonna remember how Lindy Ruff left.   I am going to remember the great hockey moments he had a hand in here in Buffalo.  It was truly a great ride for him and us.

I love this picture and it says it all.

Thank You Lindy

Where do Sabres go from here?  Only time will tell.


I have been seeing various versions of this local band for almost twenty years.

It is cool that they are still around and rocking.  They have a cool sound and their live show is always amazing.

This song is called “Why Don’t You” from one DoDriver’s CD’s

You can find out more about them here–>

Rock on!

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