My 5¢ – 03/01/2013

Buffalo Nickel

Strong Dose of Reality

Sometimes I have issues with and question the work I do on Buffalo’s East Side.  It’s not that I don’t think the work is important or helping make a difference.  Sometimes I forget the other realities of Buffalo and the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood like in the video above.  Sometimes I need such reminders.

Preserving pieces of my Polish-American heritage fail in comparison to the work that people like Holly Rutkowski do in helping preserve the lives of others.  I struggle with the idea of saving buildings and pumping tons of time and money into them when there is such abject poverty all around.  It does make me question if my own personal time and talents could better used trying to help people instead of places.

The Sabres Win Two in a Row

When I saw the Sabres little Florida swing on the schedule after Lindy Ruff got fired, I thought it would be a good opportunity for them to try to right the ship.  Though they didn’t play flawless hockey in either Tampa or at the Panthers, they played a lot better.  There are still plenty of games left (27) on the schedule for them to get into the top eight or better in the conference and make the playoffs.

Buffalo Schools and Carl Paladino

There is a pat of me that would like to see Carl Paladino on the Buffalo Public School Board and then there is a part of me that thinks it isn’t a good idea.

He could be good if he truly went on the board to help better the district. What I fear though is that he would use it to grandstand like he does in the video above and be nothing more than a disruptive force instead of getting things done.

So I Run Again

About a month ago, I started running again. I have failed in my attempts over the last four years to get back into it. It is easy to get out of shape. It is hard to get back into shape. Here’s hoping I stay with it this time around.

Scott Leffler

If you want to read a great local blog, check out Scott Leffler.

What I like about Mr. Leffler and his writing style is that he generally comes from a place where normal everyday people exist in the reality of our times.

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