My 5¢ – 04/27/2013

Buffalo Nickel


That’s the amount of money poured into Buffalo School Board elections over the last two years.

The figure comes courtesy of some nifty reporting by Mary Pasciak.  She is by far done the best beat reporter covering the Buffalo Public Schools the Buffalo News I have ever read.

From her piece on Buffalo School Board election financing:

“Unions, companies that bid on contracts with the district, school employees, political leaders and others poured more than $250,000 into Buffalo School Board candidates’ campaigns during the last two election cycles, a Buffalo News analysis shows.

But many of those donations are all but hidden from voters, due in part to an archaic finance reporting system handled almost entirely on paper – and in part to candidates who ignore the state law requiring them to reveal who donated to them and interest groups who ignore the law requiring them to disclose how much they spent to independently promote a candidate.”

It seems like being elected to the Buffalo School Board is a pay-to-play scheme much like the rest of elected posts around Buffalo and Western New York.  A scheme where moneyed interests take a front seat and the students of the district take the back-seat.


Jon Stewart is Awesome

And he is full of awesome here!!!

NFL Draft

The NFL’s draft is right up there with the NHL trade deadline as being the most over hyped and over analyzed sports moments out there.  Everything that prognosticators envision happening rarely does and fans usually walk away feeling let down as to what really happens.

Sabres Season Ends

buffalo-sabres-logoThe 2012-2013 version of the Sabres didn’t exactly go the way a lot of us fans thought it would.  Who would have thought when it started that Lindy Ruff would have been shown the door or there would be heavy talk of this being Ryan Miller’s last season in the blue and gold when all was said and done?

The off-season should prove to be interesting.  Will Darcy Regier be fired?  Will the team do a wholesale rebuild or will it rebuild on the fly? Is Miller staying or going?

The fans and media tend to overreact when things go south and want to take the fire everyone and get rid of everyone stand. I’m hoping that Terry Pegula and company take a measured approached in assessing the season and the current team. It looks like when Pegula bought the team, he came in here with blue and gold colored glasses.  Maybe this will be the wake-up call he needs to build the the winner he wants and we want.

Sometimes Jerry Sullivan is Good

I love this from Jerry Sullivan’s blog post on the passing of Larry Felser:

“At a time when people tweet their thoughts without filters and everyone wants to be the smartest guy in the room, it would be wise to remember Larry and journalists like him, who spent a day reporting and polishing a column that people read as if it were gospel.”

With the immediacy in which the internet brings us news, journalism suffers when the deadline is all the time.  Story development definitely takes a hit in a rush to beat out competitors in pushing news out.  We just have to look at what happened last week with the Boston bombings to see how this rush leads to misinformation.

Unfortunately, it is not going to change and will probably only get worse.


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