My 5¢ – 05/03/2013

Five Cents

Cruelty Free Meat


Saw this posted on Facebook today.

Wouldn’t being “cruelty free” also include not killing an animal for consumption?  Premature death is not a good thing for any creature being killed by another creature.

Save Saint Ann’s

Saint Ann's Buffalo
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With the news yesterday that Saint Ann’s in Buffalo is facing some steep obstacles to remain open, it caused me to reflect on what I do on the East Side.

Everything there is a struggle.  There are times when I just want to throw up my hands and say enough is enough.  For as much as Buffalo has taken positive steps forward, it seems there are parts of the city with little or no hope.  I wonder if I am making a difference at all.

May Day

The month of May always makes me think of Brad May‘s legendary “May Day” Sabres’ goal to sweep the Boston Bruins in the 1992-93 NHL’s playoffs first round.  The goal wasn’t even in May…it was scored on 04/24/93.

Let Metro take you to Amherst?

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In an idea 30 years behind the times, Amherst looks like it wants to get with the times and explore extending the Metro Rail out to Buffalo’s most populous ‘burb.

From the Buffalo News:

Amherst’s present leaders have been briefed on a new study for extending rail or bus service to the town, and they are – if not embracing – at least open to the idea 27 years after the line came to a screeching halt at the University at Buffalo’s South Campus.

What’s changed?

A number of factors – from rapid growth in Amherst to rising gas prices and congestion – are different now, they say.

There’s also the fact that more than 30,000 people each weekday ride public transit in the Buffalo-to-Amherst corridor – the highest ridership in the entire system.

What’s surprising to some, though, is that this time around, no one seems to be against it.

“Back then, there was just an overall feeling that some of the suburbs didn’t want to be part of the metro area,” said former Niagara Frontier Transportation Authority Chairman Raymond F. Gallagher. “But I can see that people have softened and times are different.”

Though the study isn’t coming cheap (wondering why it takes $1.6 million to arrive at a decision of common sense), this could be good news for the region and push us into an era where getting around the B-lo metro easily via mass transit becomes a reality.

Waiting for Superman

How can you not get chills watching the above?

I have been looking forward to the next Superman movie ever since I heard another was being made.

One thought on “My 5¢ – 05/03/2013

  1. Two points:

    1. At the every least can we get dyes out of our food? This seems like a simple thing.

    2. The Amherst extension is a poor idea. While moving people is important the biggest bang for the buck will be in Transit Oriented Development. The Amherst extension would not benefit the City of Buffalo as much as an Airport extension would. Imagine light rail from DT to the airport. Transit Park and Ride -> Airport -> Galleria -> Thruway Mall -> Buffalo Central Terminal -> Larkinville -> Arena/ Waterfront.

    The Amherst corridor is dense – not much room for new development. The Eastside on the other hand…. Sky’s the limit.

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