My 5¢ – 05/18/2013

My 5¢

Solars Panels Are Nice But…

Wow…solar panels are going to be installed at the Broadway Market.  That’s nice, but it is like putting lipstick on a pig.

If the city the is truly committed to breaking the slow and steady decline at the Market, it would be better served in investing money into garnering more year-round vendors, improving the customer experience, create food related events that actually draw a lot of people and market the Market.

The Broadway Market’s decline outside of the Easter shopping season has been a problem for decades.  What is lacking from the city is a high level plan to address what I have outlined and proper management to implement it.  The Broadway Market should be viewed as the epicenter of rebirth for the Broadway-Fillmore business district and the neighborhood.  It is getting to the point where vendors can’t just survive on Easter alone anymore.  Why is it so hard to reinvent the place?

Is Progress Pushing People Out in Buffalo?

Whitey leaves…whitey moves back in…screw the poors and the blacks.

The NHL Doesn’t Get It

The beauty of the NHL’s Winter Classic was that it happened once a year on a slow day in sports.  It was showcase game.  Now the league is going to have multiple outdoor games.

The NHL powers want to capitalize on the popularity of the games outside on TV and in the stands as a money grab.  There is a part of me that understands.  On the other hand, what this does is make the games outdoors not so special.

Buffalo Story Project

If you are looking for a great blog to read, go to Excellent writing and great stories…my only wish is that they would publish more content.

I loved their recent piece about an estate sale in the Broadway-Fillmore neighborhood.

Carl Paladino and Buffalo Schools…HELLO!

Message to Mr. Paladino:

You have an opportunity to truly make a difference for Buffalo schools.  What I don’t want to see is a circus sideshow at every board meeting.  You are a successful businessman who obviously cares deeply about the city, its schools and the children of Buffalo. I am sure there will be fireworks at some of the school board meetings.  That won’t be hard to accept if what you are doing isn’t only for show.  The children of Buffalo deserve nothing less than your best.

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