Kane came, he scored and the Sabres won 3-1

Before tonight’s game, I told my son that I would love to see Patrick Kane score as long as the Sabres won…well…he did and they did…a really nice game by Buffalo…Kane is gonna be good…he is good already…he is gonna be great!

I hope the Sabres rattle off a couple more wins…they play the at Isles on the 19th and Danny Briere comes back to town on the 21st…they really need to start putting some distance between themselves and .500…the .500 mark just doesn’t cut it nowadays in terms of making the playoffs.

Highlights from tonights game including Kane’s goal to give Chicago early lead…


As an aside…do remember when the Sabres unveiled new jerseys last year? I do…Larry Quinn said something along the lines that the Sabes original logo or a derivative of such wouldn’t work with the new style Reebok unis…why is it then that a lot of teams…especially the original six…were able to incorporate classic look…hmmm…load of sh** detector is topping at a ten.

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