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State of News Media in Buffalo

When someone like Matthew Broderick hits the B-lo to do some acting for an upcoming movie, I understand that is big deal to us locals.  It is cool.  What I don’t understand is how our local media literally drops everything else in the quest to secure some photos, video footage or sound bites from him.

After I saw the video above, I couldn’t believe this was allowed to air.  To me, its one minute, thirteen seconds of what has become of local media.  The rush to get ahead of the other media outlets lets things like this happen.  Quality suffers, we suffer and our news isn’t really news anymore.

Fast Food Jobs

Who would have thought a decade or two ago that fast food workers would be walking off jobs nationwide for better wages?  I know I didn’t.  It is a sad portrayal of life in 21st century America .  This is how people are trying to support families and themselves.  Flipping burgers is no longer a joke.

Our Reaction to Positive Buffalo Stories in Major Newspapers

I wrote this on Twitter a few days ago after the New York Times did a piece on Buffalo.

Here is a link to the article–>

Being a proud Buffalo type weirdo, I like seeing and reading about the good happening here in big time news outlets.  But we seem to have this need here in the B-lo to take these type of stories and amplify them until it hurts to somehow justify to ourselves that Buffalo is coming back or on the rise.  It makes us look silly. Listen to me, we don’t need to do that.  We need to continue to go about our business here and keep working to help Buffalo.  The accolades from out of town will come and go.  When stories like the New York Times article happen, we need to switch from an attitude of “see, Buffalo really matters” to an attitude of “that’s nice, carry on.”

Woodlawn Beach


If you have never been to Woodlawn Beach State Park, you need to go.  It is not too farm from anywhere around the B-lo, sports a huge beach, a nice boardwalk through a wooded area and beach grass to get to beach and from all appearances is well kept. I stopped there a few nights ago for the sunset and it was fantastic.

Training Camp

I love the Bills. I love that E.J. Manuel looks like the real deal at QB. I hate that football has become larger than life.  The coverage of training camp and the 24/7 endless football coverage turns me off.

The internet age has brought an overload of football and sports coverage.  After awhile, it all becomes white noise to me.  Funny thing is that by simply posting this, Tweeting or using other social media, I add to it.

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