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That Canadian Problem with Toll Collectors

See that Canadian nickel up there…some wonderful New York State toll collector slipped it past me at the Williamsville Toll Barrier a couple of days ago.  I know this has happened to you as well.  The gal who dumped was sneaky about it.  She wrapped it up inside the bills I was given as change after the toll was paid.

This isn’t the first time it happened to me.  You really don’t have any recourse either unless you want to turnaround and head back on the thruway and argue over a nickel.  My guess is that she and other toll collectors who mistakenly take Canadian money will get in trouble for it.  It is easy to pawn it off on unsuspecting people like me.  Bastards.

Now what to do with the nickel?!?!

May Day, Brad May

After being stored on my phone for a few weeks, finally got to hear this today.

When you have a few minutes, listen to this 08/02/2013 interview with Brad May on WGR 550’s Hockey Hotline show.  Truly good stuff.


The Hockey Hotline show is great.

And…how can not still love this.

46th Year on the Planet

It’s been a little over a week since I have hit the downside of 40.  Don’t know if it’s this way for others who are in their late 40s, but I do feel older and wiser.

You often hear about how people get set in their ways as they become chronologically challenged.  For me, this isn’t true.  I find that I’m more open than ever to changing how I do things and how I view the world.  I also find that I don’t sweat the small stuff as much anymore as well.

Buffalo Mayoral Race and the Inevitable

With the Democratic primary over and Byron Brown winning, it further perpetuates the idea that the mayor is invincible in his run to get reelected.  This has essentially been the theme perpetuated since the start of the campaign by the local media, political pundits, etc.  I hate it.  Instead of really focusing ideas and issues, the race has been about Brown’s “war chest” or the “political machine” behind him.  You feed people this type of information long enough and they start believe that the mayor’s reelection is inevitable.  What is weird about is that the local media has taken the mayor and his administration to task on a lot of different matters in his tenure.  Why aren’t these type of issues the focus during the election?  Why are the only people really bringing them up are his opponents?

Maybe we will start to see some critical analysis heading towards the general election in November.  Then again, maybe not.

Brown surely feels the sense of inevitability.  This is from a Buffalo News blog post week titled “Sergio wants to debate, Brown does not” from the day after the primary.

Mayor Byron Brown, who won last night’s Democratic primary with 68 percent of the vote, said last night that he “gave” Rodriguez three debates already, and he did not commit to any more. “We are focused on the work that needs to be done in this city now,” he said.

With the way the current mayoral reelection landscape is, why would he want to debate Sergio Rodriguez if he feels he has already won.


This is pretty gross.

From USA Today:

A 15-ton massive blob of food fat and baby wipes, dubbed Britain’s largest-ever “fatberg,” has been removed from a London sewer, local water authorities said Tuesday.

The utility company Thames Water spent three weeks working to remove the fatberg, which was about the size of a bus. The giant mass was discovered after nearby residents reported issues with flushing their toilets, Thames Water said in a statement.

“While we’ve removed greater volumes of fat from under central London in the past, we’ve never seen a single, congealed lump of lard this big clogging our sewers before,” Gordon Hailwood, Thames Water’s waste contracts supervisor, said in the statement.

Like I said, GROSS.

It makes me wonder what people pour down the drain locally.  Ewwww!  I don’t think people get that what ends up in the sewers ends up back in our waterways.

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