Give Sergio Rodriguez Credit cuz the Man is Working it

What do you do when you have shoestring budget to run your campaign with? You do what Sergio Rodriguez is doing here.

You have to admire the way he has gone about campaigning. If anything, it shows how serious he is about doing everything he can to get elected. And if this is an indication at how tirelessly he works, I imagine this would be how tirelessly he would work to make Buffalo better as mayor.

I’ve wrote this before and it deserves to be written again. It is a shame that the local Republican party has not gone all in with Rodriguez. It speaks volumes about where local Republicans are at.

2 thoughts on “Give Sergio Rodriguez Credit cuz the Man is Working it

  1. 10-1 Dem to Rep registered in the city….The Dems got the inner city constituency out for the Poloncarz/Collins race…and u see how that turned out. Reps do not want to lose the Comptroller’s Office. If they antagonize the Brown campaign they will lose it just by numbers alone…When was the last time anyone in a city post won as a Republican?

  2. Hi Ralph…I wrote this a week or two ago about that.

    “Why the local Republican powers that be haven’t gotten super behind this guy illustrates what is wrong with the Republican party locally and nationally. They are ignoring him because it isn’t politically prudent. They view the Buffalo mayoral race as no win scenario for them. That’s how it goes for the local party machines. They want to do what’s best for the machine and not what’s best for the voters in Buffalo. With proper backing, I am convinced Rodriguez would’ve had a chance.”

    And this a little further back…

    “Speaking of people who should fell as ashamed. The whole local Republican intelligentsia should be. Why? Their lack of getting getting behind Sergio Rodriguez for the 2013 Buffalo mayoral race in a substantial way is shameful.

    The concern of the local Republican intelligentsia is if Rodriguez’s campaign mounts a huge challenge in November running against Mayor Byron Brown, it will bring a lot of Democratic voters out in the Buffalo and be a boost for Democratic candidates in key races for Erie County Sheriff and Comptroller. In a perfect local politics world, the Republicans would see this as an opportunity to unseat a sitting Democratic mayor in a city that is ripe for change in leadership. It would also show that local Republicans actually care what happens in the city. Rodriguez has a great message and has made inroads to the heart of what is wrong with Buffalo. He also has appeal. Factor in that Rodriguez is a minority and it could go a long way to opening doors in the city to a Republican party that gives all appearance of being unfriendly to minorities.

    Unfortunately, it’s not going to happen at this point in the race. You do have to wonder what could have been for Rodriguez if Republican HQ threw some cash and support behind him. Imagine the impact in him making campaign appearances with the popular incumbent county comptroller and city resident Stefan Mychajliw could have had. We will never know.”

    I get why the Pubs are doing it and it just ain’t right.

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