Audio: Ted Nolan Speaks on Pat LaFontaine’s Departure

Ted Nolan[audio:]

As the smoke starts to clear from Pat LaFontaine’s departure, one of the big questions out there is how it’s going to impact Ted Nolan’s future with the Buffalo Sabres. I thought he handled his first encounter with the media today well.

Here are a couple of quotes that stuck out.

We traded our franchise player, we traded our captain, that’s tough enough as it is. All of a sudden, a situation happens with Patty. So right now, I really have to put how I’m feeling away to the side and deal with the team.


Right now I can’t even discuss that. It’s such an emotional roller coaster. Right now is not the time to discuss that because of the situation that just occurred. When you’re emotional, you never want to make emotional comments on anything.

What does the future hold for Ted Nolan here in Buffalo? Your guess is as good as mine. If speculation holds that LaFontaine’s leaving had little or nothing to do with Nolan’s future with the club, he’s probably got a legitimate shot at having the interim tag removed. The Sabres are playing a lot better with him at the helm. The question is does he want to stick around after what just happened.

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