Some Sabres Thoughts

The Sabres are quickly approaching the middle point of the 07-08 season. Almost half-way in the boys in Blue and Gold are in a decent position. The way I see it the only big obstacles in the Eastern Conference are those Senators of Ottawa and New Jersey Devils.  Not that the Sens or Devils have been without problems this year, but they seem to be a cut above the rest of the EC so far and the Sabres seem to have trouble against both.

Obviously the playoffs are an entirely different animal…see last year.

Watching the Sabres I get a feeling that they are missing something…yep…the obvious answer is they are missing Drury and Briere and what they brought to the team…I am not talking about goals and assists either…they are missing their leadership.

I know Ryan Miller has taken on some of that himself…but as he admitted earlier in the year, it was affecting his game play and he stepped back a bit…it wouldn’t surprise me in the least bit if the Sabres traded for someone to do just that…but then there is the chemistry thing which is big in hockey…would bringing in an outsider to help lead team that has been primarily the same since the lockout mess things up?  I am sure that Darcy Reiger & Lindy Ruff must think the same things.

When Buffalo’s game is on, they look like the Sabres of the last couple of years…but when it is not, watch out.   The talent is there…maybe they do need a fresh face from the outside to add a spark.

– – –

The Winter Classic…beyond the total overkill being given to the game locally in the media, I am so looking forward to it.

Heck…you know it is huge when the NHL posts an article with tips from the Discovery Channel’s Survivorman on how to approach attending the game…awesome stuff!

The entire hockey world will have its eyes focused on our humble little city and 70,000+ filling the Ralph…just cool.


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