VIDEO: I live in Buffalo


There are people, even locally, who passionately hate on Buffalo. They love to see failure and want things to fail. You know the crowd. You see them troll social media and local media comment sections with gusto to poop on Buffalo’s parade.

Then there are the locals whose crazy love for Buffalo is crazy. You know this crowd too. They defend Buffalo to the bitter end and have meltdowns when anything negative is said or written about the city.

Then there are the people in the middle. The people who love Buffalo, but understand its challenges and problems. The people who don’t put on rose colored glasses, but expect better. These are the people who make Buffalo great.

The video captures that feeling of us in the middle.

PS: Brad Riter needs a regular radio gig in this town. That’s his voice on the video. You can hear him over at Trending Buffalo—>

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